Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Have you checked your liability limits lately?

Auto insurance liability is something that almost everyone has, but yet so few truly understand.
Those who have been involved in a serious car accident resulting in injury have often learned about it the hard way.

In the state of Virginia- bodily injury liability requirements are $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. To legally operate a motor vehicle registered in VA- that is the required coverage you are suppose to carry. Often potential customers ask us to just "give me a quote on the minimum that I need". My questions is why? Often it is a matter of a few more dollars a month to obtain the higher coverage limits.

If you choose to under-insure yourself, ask yourself this: "What would happen if either by mechanical failure (tires,brakes etc.) or by operator error I am at fault for someone's injuries involving my car?" "Is it possible that they might sue me for more than $25,000 in medical bills and pain & suffering?"

likely the answer is yes.

You don't have to be a bad driver to have an accident. It happens to the best of us. We hope to not have any, but we plan for them just in case. For that additional few dollars each month you can provide security that you wont face losing your assets or future income due to an auto accident.

Another component to your liability insurance is Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage.
These limits typically reflect however much bodily injury liability coverage you carry. The difference is that this coverage is for YOU and YOUR FAMILY if you were to ever be in an accident where someone else was at fault and either:
A. Does not have insurance or
B. Does not have enough insurance to support the injury's caused to you and yours.

So if I only have 25/50 and someone without insurance hits me... I'm only covered up to 25K and the rest may take years to recover from the other party if at all. Meanwhile the medical bills will keep piling up.

Auto Home Life InsuranceIf I had $250,000 per person and $500,000 per accident I would have coverage up to those amounts under my uninsured motorist coverage. You can see how much of a game changer this can be when caught in a situation like that.

If you're unsure about what you are covered for, ask your agent.

If you don't have an agent, or need a new one. Call my Allstate office in Charlottesville VA.

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