Sunday, December 30, 2018

Harper's Insurance Agency II is now open!

Meet our team!

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December has been a great first month for our second agency. We hosted a grand opening and gave away a hot air balloon ride in our grand prize drawing!

We're incredibly grateful for all of our community partner's who donated and participated in making our first month a big success.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Hurricane Preparedness in Central Virginia

Great insurance tips for homeowners in Charlottesville VA - you will find info and links below to helpful information on preparing and knowing about your home insurance coverage. Severe weather can devastate your vehicles, property, and belongings. Take steps to protect and preserve the things that matter most. Stay alert and aware of changing weather patterns. Storms can vary in intensity and change with little notice. 
Be familiar with your insurance coverage, deductibles, and steps following a loss. Get your agent's information handy and stored in your cell phone. 
Take inventory of your belongings, take photos, and record important things like serial numbers or makes/models. 
Fill up your vehicle's fuel before the weather arrives. 
Pick up an extra tank of gas for your grill in case of extended power outages. It can help as a heat source for cooking. 
Make sure downspouts and gutters are clear of pollen and debris. 
Above all else, safety first. Listen to all evacuation orders and safety warnings. 

You can be prepared for storms and other severe weather with more tips below.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

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Take a right on Hollymead DR after you see the big blue Allstate sign on Rt29. You can find our Allstate agency in the Hollymead Professional Offices located right off Insurance Ln.

Stop by or visit our website for an auto insurance quote in Charlottesville VA

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Auto and Homeowners Insurance is Evolving. Is your coverage keeping up?

A 500 year storm means - it should only come once every 500 years, right? 


The fact is; there have been 26 in the last decade.
Check out this new commercial from Allstate & The Harper's Insurance Agency. 

Protect your family with the right coverage from your local Charlottesville insurance agency. Get information and help from an insurance expert in a low pressure, education based environment.

Auto - Home - Life Insurance

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Allstate Smart Girl Commercial - April Charlottesville Update

Check out this Smart Girl - Auto Insurance commercial from Allstate:

April has been a busy month in our insurance agency. The temperatures in Central Virginia have been very up & down. Last night we had a freeze warning- tomorrow we'll expect it to be in the 70s with beautiful weather. Fortunately, all of the intermittent rain has done wonders for the vegetation and grass. A few more weeks and homeowners across Charlottesville will have lush green grass growing in their yards, and flowers blooming in the flowerbeds. Spring weather can be tricky in our area as things will often bloom, then a freeze will happen. You also have to be mindful of de-winterizing around the outside of the house too soon.
This time last year- our agency was making plans to relocate to our Hollymead location. It will have been a full year in June. We've enjoyed serving the northern part of Charlottesville/Albemarle County and those family's who recognize the importance of having a local agent help with their auto, homeowners, and life insurance. In today's busy world- it's important to understand your coverage, have access to your policy information and billing 24/7, and be able to work directly with a local expert who knows and understands how to get the best value of coverage for your dollar.

Claim forgiveness is a helpful addition to most auto insurance plans. No loss of discount even if the claim is your fault. Combine this with the ease of the QuickPhoto claim process and you'll be back on the road in no time at all. Our location now serves Charlottesville as a Quick Photo inspection location. You can stop by 1532 Insurance Ln Charlottesville VA 22911 - just bring your policy number and we can assist.

Visit our website to get a quote for car insurance and homeowners. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Charlottesville Auto Insurance Blog Update Week of March 10th 2018 - Get a homeowners insurance quote online

New posters arrived at the office!

Hitting a Deer is Mayhem!

Mayhem Allstate Car Insurance Quotes

We'll post a few more in the coming days.

You can see a few more pics like this if you head over to our Instagram

This week we had the opportunity to serve our insureds in a time of need. The storms from last week were pretty severe across Virginia.
  Dominion Power ranked it in the top 5 most dangerous storms. The debris is being picked up, the homes and cars are being put back together. We are proud to represent a company who shows up to support their customers. Watching our catastrophe team at work this past week only adds reassurance that we deliver when disaster strikes.
Some parts of Charlottesville & Albemarle County got more wind than others, but from my perspective, it was pretty wide-spread across the state and beyond.

Quotes from Charlottesville Allstate Agency Steve Harper
My son riding front row on King's Dominion's Intimidator 305
Spring is right around the corner, and hopefully, we'll get a break from any severe weather for a while. Soon we can focus on getting out in the yard, exploring hobbies, and enjoying time with the family.
Our family is full of theme park enthusiasts. With children big enough to ride the roller coasters, we seek out some of the more thrilling rides on the East coast. Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens, Disney, and most recently Universal are all places we've been. If you asked my 10-year-old, The Rocket at Universal is the best one yet. It even records a video of you during the ride. Talk about Mayhem...
Car Insurance Quotes Online! Get a local Charlottesville Agent
The Rocket @ Universal Studios

Pictured above is my son riding the Intimidator 305. One of our all-time favorites. It takes you up a hill, then nosedives 305 feet straight toward the ground. Hitting speeds around 90MPH. Rumor is that it use to go faster when they first opened it, but due to blackouts they had to turn it down. You can definitely feel the G's going into the turn after the drop.
Check out this POV video of the ride:

It's important to highlight time with the family. It's one of my biggest "Why's" of what makes the peace of mind insurance offer's so critical. We have multiple ways to make sure you're covered. Head over to our site and get a car insurance quote in Virginia.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Commercial update and great info about accident forgiveness - Allstate mobile app

Recent Accident Forgiveness Commercial for The Harper Charlottesville Allstate Agency

Switch to Allstate Car Insurance & See The Difference Having a Local Agent Makes!

Check out the latest updates to our website and read helpful information about policy's, insurance, and things happening in your local Charlottesville community.

Accident forgiveness can help prevent loss of discounts after a claim. One of many benefits you can choose from. Allstate Rewards is a great way to incentivize your teen to drive safely. Earn points that are redeemable on the Allstate shopping portal.

With the Allstate mobile app you can:

 manage your policy
 make payments
 take claim photos
earn Drivewise rewards
access ID cards
have your agent's contact info at a touch of a button

Get a quote for car insurance in Charlottesville VA

Ever wonder if something is considered collision or comprehensive? How does Medical Expense work on your insurance policy? Visit the insurance made simple resource page for important info about how your coverage is used after an accident.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Recent Severe Wind & Ways to Protect Your Home

Severe wind and storm damage in Central Virginia

Today winds picked up in our area and tossed limbs and branches all over. There have been calls coming in reporting downed trees and power outages.

Check out this tree's root system just pulled up out of the ground. 

It's important to tie down loose items outside and consider more permanent solutions for things like trampolines, carports, and other out-buildings. The last thing any homeowner wants to wake up to is damage to their home or car from mother nature.

 Some things are completely unavoidable, but there are a few small things we can do to preserve our property and avoid having to make that phone call to your insurance agent about filing a claim.

Avoid filing Homeowners claims by keeping an eye on trees and branches

Keep an eye on the trees around your property (especially dead ones) and watch out for long heavy branches that could fall on the home under the weight of ice and snow. A couple minutes of preventative care throughout the year can really help avoid serious damage and possibly injury. We try to take as many steps as we can to keep a safe and healthy household. For all the things beyond our control, well... There's insurance.

We look forward to warming spring temps and the sound of baseballs cracking on bats over at Northside Little League. This time of year is always great when the days get longer and more time with the family can be spent outside.

Do you have any tips to share on this subject? Leave some comments below to share with everyone else. 

You can also visit our website for more insurance resources and local contacts in Charlottesville. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Breaking Down Car Insurance Terms and What They Mean

Breaking Down Car Insurance Terms and What They Mean:

Bodily Injury Liability:

Bodily Injury (B.I) is a coverage that is required by law in most states. If you cause an auto accident that injures someone else, your B.I helps pay for their medical expenses and loss of wages due to their injury. This can also help pay for legal fees if you're sued.

Property Damage:
Will help you pay for damage caused to someone else's belongings. Examples would include another vehicle, mail-box, or guard-rail.

Medical Expense:
Can help you or passengers in your vehicle pay medical bills & funeral expense if hurt in a car accident.

Collision Coverage:
Can help you pay to replace or repair your vehicle if it's damage from a collision with another vehicle. It also covers coming in contact with an object, or single vehicle crashes that involve rolling or falling over. In most collision claims you are in the vehicle operating it.

Comprehensive Coverage:
This coverage is offered to protect damage to your car when something happens other than collision. Things like hail, theft, vandalism are examples of what falls within this. Common in Albemarle County are crashes where a deer is involved. Deer and glass damage are both also considered comprehensive. While the City of Charlottesville is pretty busy, there are still deer that find their way into the roads in this area too. While less common than the back roads of Albemarle.

Rental Car Coverage: It's important to ask yourself if you will be okay without a vehicle for a couple of days when your car goes in for repairs. If you don't have backup means of transportation adding rental coverage is important to have in place.

These are just a few items that you'll want to go over at your next insurance review. Book a review with the Harper Charlottesville Allstate office today! 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

End of 2017 Insurance blog update

Auto insurance blog update written: 12/30/2017

With Charlottesville receiving its first dusting of snow on the last weekend of 2017 - I am reminded of sledding and building snow forts as a kid. We'd often spend all afternoon outside crafting the perfect sled track. Some nights we would stay out late dumping buckets of water of them in hopes of it freezing extra slick by morning.

As kid's we don't think of all that can go wrong. It's endless possibilities and excitement with most imagined outcomes being positive ones. As we grow older we become wiser. Learning from experience we gain knowledge that allows us to prepare better against possible misfortune.

I really enjoy talking with clients and finding out what their hopes and dreams are for the future. It's often time spent talking about destinations, hobby's, and the quality of life imagined for retirement years. The first step to a successful retirement plan is a vision of desired results.

Don't underestimate the power of time and compound interest when you're first getting started. $50-$100 may not seem like a lot to set aside on a fixed budget, but over time this can help supercharge your savings.

Protect yourself from any setbacks by carrying the right car insurance and coverage for your home. With so many companies pitching savings and price while getting a quote - sometimes the most important part of the discussion gets lost.

Statistically, you might find yourself only REALLY needing your insurance once or twice in your lifetime. That is not when you want to find out that saving $10 a month will now cost you $50,000 later. Work with an agent and get on the right track.

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