Saturday, September 15, 2018

Hurricane Preparedness in Central Virginia

Great insurance tips for homeowners in Charlottesville VA - you will find info and links below to helpful information on preparing and knowing about your home insurance coverage. Severe weather can devastate your vehicles, property, and belongings. Take steps to protect and preserve the things that matter most. Stay alert and aware of changing weather patterns. Storms can vary in intensity and change with little notice. 
Be familiar with your insurance coverage, deductibles, and steps following a loss. Get your agent's information handy and stored in your cell phone. 
Take inventory of your belongings, take photos, and record important things like serial numbers or makes/models. 
Fill up your vehicle's fuel before the weather arrives. 
Pick up an extra tank of gas for your grill in case of extended power outages. It can help as a heat source for cooking. 
Make sure downspouts and gutters are clear of pollen and debris. 
Above all else, safety first. Listen to all evacuation orders and safety warnings. 

You can be prepared for storms and other severe weather with more tips below.