Saturday, April 9, 2016

What it means to work with a trusted insurance advisor

It's commonplace now to be able to get an auto insurance quote and establish a policy in 15 minutes or less. But is that what we should really be doing? Is it sound advise to recommend only dedicating 15 minutes to protecting your assets and family from unfortunate circumstances?

As an insurance professional, I have the opportunity to review many of my clients previous coverage, or proposals encouraging them to switch. Often it seems like even the "apples to apples" comparisons aren't quite what they seem. It's very common that I uncover other things like accident forgiveness, guaranteed renewal, vanishing deductibles, that aren't quite represented fairly.
Trusted advisors are few and far between. Replaced by automated systems, telemarketers, and strategic advertising.

Some of the uneven comparisons I'm sure happen unintentionally, but there is also something to be said for a knowledgeable professional that can look for these things & present your coverage options for what they are. I often find what was "apples to apples" was really a rotten apple sitting next to a bright shiny orange.

Insurance is a service that you pay for in good faith, that truly doesn't show how good it is until you use it. Price isn't always the most important component to assess while comparing your options.

Put yourself in the perspective of a worst case scenario. Your home, or new car has just experienced severe, possibly catastrophic damage. Would you want the cheapest company coming to your aid? Whether we're talking about the quality of food, construction materials, or insurance services.. Often if it's cheap, there's a reason. When guiding a client towards their choice in insurance coverage; I often recommend focusing on how you'll want your policy to perform during AND after the claim if needed. Accident forgiveness can be a wonderful tool to keep your premiums from rising after an accident. Often the extra coverage and expanded protection will cost less than you anticipate.

Look for an insurance professional who can dedicate the time to help guide you through the common risks we face every day. Then review and select the appropriate coverage to protect the things that matter most to you.
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