Thursday, February 1, 2018

End of 2017 Insurance blog update

Auto insurance blog update written: 12/30/2017

With Charlottesville receiving its first dusting of snow on the last weekend of 2017 - I am reminded of sledding and building snow forts as a kid. We'd often spend all afternoon outside crafting the perfect sled track. Some nights we would stay out late dumping buckets of water of them in hopes of it freezing extra slick by morning.

As kid's we don't think of all that can go wrong. It's endless possibilities and excitement with most imagined outcomes being positive ones. As we grow older we become wiser. Learning from experience we gain knowledge that allows us to prepare better against possible misfortune.

I really enjoy talking with clients and finding out what their hopes and dreams are for the future. It's often time spent talking about destinations, hobby's, and the quality of life imagined for retirement years. The first step to a successful retirement plan is a vision of desired results.

Don't underestimate the power of time and compound interest when you're first getting started. $50-$100 may not seem like a lot to set aside on a fixed budget, but over time this can help supercharge your savings.

Protect yourself from any setbacks by carrying the right car insurance and coverage for your home. With so many companies pitching savings and price while getting a quote - sometimes the most important part of the discussion gets lost.

Statistically, you might find yourself only REALLY needing your insurance once or twice in your lifetime. That is not when you want to find out that saving $10 a month will now cost you $50,000 later. Work with an agent and get on the right track.

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