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Charlottesville Auto Insurance Blog Update Week of March 10th 2018 - Get a homeowners insurance quote online

New posters arrived at the office!

Hitting a Deer is Mayhem!

Mayhem Allstate Car Insurance Quotes

We'll post a few more in the coming days.

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This week we had the opportunity to serve our insureds in a time of need. The storms from last week were pretty severe across Virginia.
  Dominion Power ranked it in the top 5 most dangerous storms. The debris is being picked up, the homes and cars are being put back together. We are proud to represent a company who shows up to support their customers. Watching our catastrophe team at work this past week only adds reassurance that we deliver when disaster strikes.
Some parts of Charlottesville & Albemarle County got more wind than others, but from my perspective, it was pretty wide-spread across the state and beyond.

Quotes from Charlottesville Allstate Agency Steve Harper
My son riding front row on King's Dominion's Intimidator 305
Spring is right around the corner, and hopefully, we'll get a break from any severe weather for a while. Soon we can focus on getting out in the yard, exploring hobbies, and enjoying time with the family.
Our family is full of theme park enthusiasts. With children big enough to ride the roller coasters, we seek out some of the more thrilling rides on the East coast. Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens, Disney, and most recently Universal are all places we've been. If you asked my 10-year-old, The Rocket at Universal is the best one yet. It even records a video of you during the ride. Talk about Mayhem...
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The Rocket @ Universal Studios

Pictured above is my son riding the Intimidator 305. One of our all-time favorites. It takes you up a hill, then nosedives 305 feet straight toward the ground. Hitting speeds around 90MPH. Rumor is that it use to go faster when they first opened it, but due to blackouts they had to turn it down. You can definitely feel the G's going into the turn after the drop.
Check out this POV video of the ride:

It's important to highlight time with the family. It's one of my biggest "Why's" of what makes the peace of mind insurance offer's so critical. We have multiple ways to make sure you're covered. Head over to our site and get a car insurance quote in Virginia.

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